Ulrike Pieper

Ulrike Pieper Upholster Denia

My name is Ulrike Pieper. For more than 30 years now I have been working as a master craftswoman in the field of upholstery and saddlery. I run my own workshop in Denia, on the sunny coast of Costa Blanca, crafting custom-made, durable upholstery for all kinds of seating furniture, couches, lounge furniture and roofed wicker beach chairs. Quality is of particular importance to me. Made of exclusive materials (such as Batyline, Cool colors), my upholstery is:

  • resistant to UV radiation
  • resistant to decay
  • resistant to moulding
  • resistant to salt-water

Furthermore, the upholstery resists to remarkably high temperatures by heating up to 25 per cent less than usual. So dark colours are no longer a problem.

I would like to call your attention to three novelties added to my product range, all of them generated by me and patented: the floating cushions swim up, fun up and reha up are a high quality replacement of the traditional air mattress and offer a big advantage: they must not be inflated.

swim up